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If you want to ensure your property's safety and beauty, you should hire professionals for your outdoor lighting needs. As it is, the right lighting fixtures can provide the required illumination to make staying outdoors safe for your family or guests. There are also a lot of decorative outdoor lights that can enhance your property's beauty several times over. In short, having this property upgrade is not a luxury but a necessity.

We service Franklin Lakes, Ridgewood, Wyckoff, Glen Rock, Allendale, Saddle River and neighboring cities in New Jersey.

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Cast Lighting
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Outdoor Lighting Ideas

At Dell Landscaping, we have experienced lighting specialists who can suggest different outdoor lighting ideas for your property. They can install various types of lights to achieve a specific theme or use modern lighting techniques to highlight certain areas or elements in the landscape. Here are some of our usual recommendations:

  • Submersible lights. These outdoor lighting solutions are used for water features, such as pools, ponds, waterfalls, fountains, and streams. They create a dramatic effect and enhance your water features' unique beauty at night.

  • Uplights. Uplights can effortlessly direct attention to statues, trees, and outdoor living areas, such as kitchens and fireplaces.

  • Moonlights. What better way to enjoy night strolls around your property than doing them under bright moonlight? The great thing is that even if the moon is not shining bright, moonlights can mimic the natural light provided by the moon. These lights are installed high on trees for a truly mesmerizing moonlit effect.

  • Floodlights. If you wish to ensure that burglars would think twice about entering your property, or if you just want to keep your premises well lit, then we suggest installing floodlights. These lights emit extremely bright light that can illuminate even an entire parking lot.

  • Pathlights. These outdoor lighting fixtures should be a part of any commercial or residential property. They can make walking around at night effortless and safe as they are typically installed along pathways, walkways, and steps.

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Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Without our trusted partners like CAST Lighting, we can't possibly provide top-quality outdoor lighting fixtures for our valued New Jersey clients. From lighting wires, bulbs (low voltage and LEDs), low-voltage transformers, and other accessories, our partners have them all.

All of their outdoor landscape lighting system components are proven to provide years of service, which is why we continue to use them in all of our projects.

CAST Lighting Done the Right Way

There are good reasons why you should choose Dell Landscaping for your outdoor lighting needs. For one, we have been using premium lighting fixtures from CAST Lighting. Their line of products is known for durability, cost efficiency, and smart design. Property owners are assured of long-lasting lighting fixtures because these are made from solid sand-cast bronze and stainless steel.

Additionally, our people are certified and properly trained to install lighting from our partner suppliers. This means that we can finish our projects on time and with positive results. Lastly, our rates are highly affordable to accommodate our clients' budget.

So if you need reliable outdoor lighting installers in the Tri-State area, pleasecontact us today. You can also visit our Hawthorne office to personally tell us your landscape lighting concerns.

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