Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are important structures in a landscape. To make more space, slopes are usually pushed upwards and held with these walls to keep them in place.  They are also ideal structures for preventing soil erosion. Additionally, they also double as seating elements within your garden or landscape. They can be built with decorative materials to enhance the aesthetic beauty of your property without compromising their main purposes of safety and protection.

Types of Retaining Wall Materials

Just because a retaining wall is meant to hold soil and keep it in place, does not mean that we can forget about how durable it should be and how appealing it should look in a certain outdoor area.  In fact, these walls are one of the most noticeable parts of a landscape. 

Celtik Wall

Country Manor Wall

Keystone Century Wall

Victorian Wall

BelAir Wall Collection

Verazzo Stone

Country Manor Provincial Wall

Century Wall

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Block Retaining Walls

Concrete blocks and natural stones are popular choices for building this type of wall.  Blocks are great for creating curves in walls to conform to the slope it is holding or to merely create a decorative statement.  It does not require advanced masonry skills to put these up and they are also very easy to maintain. However, if you prefer a more natural retaining wall, opt for natural stone materials.

Natural Stone Retaining Walls

A stone retaining wall looks great on any type of landscape because its appeal is very close to nature. Choosing natural stone requires you to pick from a wide variety of stones with different sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. Walls made of stone may take more time to build and will require the special skills of an expert mason.  The result, however, will definitely be worth the wait. A natural stone retaining wall can be used to accent and beautify your outdoor area.

Our Partnership with Leading Retaining Wall System Suppliers

We at Dell Landscaping only work with partners with quality products and services to help us with our commitment to provide only the best and most effective retaining walls for our clients in Bergen, Essex, and Morris Counties. And two of our reliable partners are Anchor and Belgard.

We choose Anchor Retaining Wall System because of the many good features of the product. It offers a wide variety of design options and can be used for almost every type of retaining wall project. The Anchor retaining wall is easy to install and can be done in a DIY manner.

Another product that we recommend is Belgard Retaining Wall. It is best used for areas with an Old Europe theme. Clients can also choose from the different colors, patterns, and textures available. Best of all, it needs minimal maintenance efforts, which will effectively save you time and money.

Our Experience with Retaining Wall Installation

A retaining wall requires careful planning and creative design for it to serve its purpose while enhancing the value of your property. Before we proceed with the design and construction, Dell Landscaping starts with an ocular inspection of the property.  Designs and material choices are then based on the owner's preferences and the need of the area. We build and install in a timely manner to meet deadlines so you can enjoy your landscape the soonest time possible.

With the skills and creativity of our team, plus our state-of-the art tools and equipment, we can provide every homeowner in New Jersey with elegant and efficient retaining walls.

For more information on designs, concepts, and materials for your retaining wall project, call us today.  Our staff will be more than happy to assist you.

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