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Dell Pools and Spas, Inc. has been building beautiful swimming pools for a range of pool needs and activities for many years. Our team of professional and highly experienced pool designers and contractors will sit down with you and help choose the right pool for your property and your individual needs. You can select from a countless number of pool shapes and sizes or have one custom designed especially for you. The Dell Pools team will design a pool that is ideal for your backyard setting. We understand that every home and family has its own requirements. That is why we can provide you with a wide array of pool options. Whether it’s for entertaining family and friends, to simply have a place to unwind and relax or to do some exercise in the privacy of your own swimming pool; we can build the pool of your dreams!

Inground Vinyl Pool Installation — Vinyl Pool Liner

There are a few different types of materials to select from when building a pool; fiberglass, Gunite and vinyl are the most popular pool materials used throughout the USA. Vinyl pools are a little less expensive when compared to Gunite and Fiberglass pools. Basically the construction of a Vinyl pool involves the digging of a hole, the building of a frame around the holes perimeter, then laying sand along the bottom of the hole and then finally securing the vinyl lining to the structural wall. So they are cheaper than other pool materials on the market and there are many patterns and colors available. There are many advantages and disadvantages to building any type of pool, but here we will talk about Vinyl Pools:

Vinyl Swimming Pool Advantages

  • Quick Installation: a vinyl pool is very quick and easy to install when compared to other popular pool materials on the market.
  • Cheaper: a vinyl pool can be a lot cheaper to build mainly due to the fact that that the vinyl materials are less expensive than other materials such as fiberglass or Gunite.
  • Less Chemical Usage: because it is a non-porous surface there is no need for a lot of chemicals and this can save a lot of money.
  • Smooth Surface: vinyl pool liners are very smooth on the feet; it is not rough like concrete pools may be.
  • Algae Growth: does not harbor algae growth.
  • Range of Styles: vinyl liners can be customized in a wide range of shapes, sizes and depths.

Vinyl Swimming Pool Disadvantages

  • Replacing Liners: vinyl pool liners will have to be replaced at some point in time. It is hard to give an average for some people have had to change their liner four times in 20 years while others have only had to do it once. It really depends on the use of your pool and a range of other factors. But on average it is said that a vinyl pool liner needs replacing about every 10 years.
  • Home Value: many people may avoid buying a home with a vinyl pool because they know there will be costs involved in the future.
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Dell Pools will help you create the swimming pool of your dreams no matter what type of material you choose to go with. We will build you a pool that will not only change the look and feel of your property but it will also enhance the value of your home and increase your social life. You will find yourself having many pool parties and BBQ’s with friends and family!.

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